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Investartone specialises in real estate investments, buying properties with unexpressed potential and turning into profit-making assets by improving planning permission, converting property use, increasing the usable area.

Investartone manages all stages of the investment:

– independently identifies and analyses investment opportunity and negotiates with the prospective seller to obtain the most favourable terms and conditions;

– researches the best financial rates and terms and conditions available on the market and laying down the operation structure in its entirety;

– manages all stages of the investment until completion of the business plan;

Investartone implements the following strategies:

  • Existing planning permission optimization/upgrade
  • Property redevelopment based on new planning permission

Case Study: Barrow Boy

Stage 1: Acquisition of a mixed 4 level property commercial/residential

Stage 2: Planning permission approval for an expansion from 4 to 5 floors

Stage 3: Start and completion of property development based on new planning permission

Stage 4: Property placed on the market

Stage 1 & 2

Total cost of the operation (acquisition, transfer fees, redevelopment project fees, legal fees, new planning permission application fees): £ 1.8 million

Value after new planning permission approval: £ 3.2 million

Profit: £ 1.4 million

Holding period: 2 years

Equity Multiple: 1.78x

Stage 3

Redevelopment and volume increase costs: £ 0.5 million

Value after redevelopment and volume increase: £ 4.2 million

Profit: £ 0.5 million

Holding period: additional 1 year

Equity Multiple: 1.83x

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